The Thought For Food Global Impact Gift Guide 🎁

Posted by Naomi Haeger on

Are you unsure what to gift this year or are desperately looking for a little something that has a positive social and environmental impact? Check out this gift guide, which will help you find the right gift in our newly launched TFF Shop, your one-stop-shop for you to support the global TFF Community. We promise, you'll find something for every family member, friend or colleague!

🎁 TFF Holiday Bundle – for everyone who cares about the future of food.

Get the TFF Holiday Bundle for your loved ones as the starter kit to all things TFF and to get them (even more) excited about food innovations.


🥭 Jali Fruit – for those who just love snacks!

The world's most natural, empowering sun-dried fruit, wild harvested from ancestral trees. Let your loved ones snack on something that is good for them as well as for the people who made them. The cherry on top? Just scan the QR code placed individually on each bag and read the real story of the women who had dried the fruits and the farmers who grew them.


👨‍🌾 Hexagro Vertical Garden – for the hobby gardeners or those you might become one.

Poty is the latest entry into the Hexagro products family. A sturdy vertical tower garden to grow delicious veggies at home, on your balcony or terrace. A gift that will impress!


🎥 TFF 2020 Challenge Finale – for those who already binged too much on Netflix.

Tired of fighting over who gets to choose what to watch on Netflix? Here’s a gift for you! Sit back, relax and be inspired by some mind blowing innovations revolutionising the food and ag space. Here’s a gift card that you can print out or send digitally if you choose this gift. This link here takes you directly to the TFF 2020 Challenge Finale.



☕️ Kua Coffee – for coffee-fanatics who care about the planet.

100% of profits mobilise our farmers on the journey to climate resilience: new native trees, soil-conserving waterways and a sustainable income. Gift a taste of Kua Coffee, a world-positive coffee which tastes good and does good for the planet.


🍚 Rice Inc – for those who love rice with every meal.

Tackles food insecurity by empowering smallholder farmers in Southeast Asia. Every bag of rice offsets CO2e, directly helping farmers' lives, and contributes to fighting global food insecurity. 


🤔 Didn’t find the right gift? Check out our full 2020 Gift Guide with more inspiration and cool gadgets from our global TFF Community. 

🙏 If you don't feel like buying physical gifts this year, consider donating to the Thought For Food Foundation to support our mission to create more resilient food systems with the help of the next generation. You can make a donation of any amount here.