Fully Traceable, Women-Empowering Dried Fruit Snacks

Posted by Chelcie Vallely on

Agricycle Global is a social enterprise that creates fully traceable, ethical, and sustainable products, including dried fruit snacks, flours, and charcoals.

Using breadfruit, jackfruit, coconut, palm, and a handful of what would otherwise be waste products, Agricycle establishes supply chains that are vertically integrated and which incorporate circular economy principles. 

Agricycle sells premium-quality products through its three distinctive consumer brands, designing its supply chains to ensure the highest ethical standards are met every step of the way. 

Wild-harvested and sun-dried organic fruit from ancestral trees with no added ingredients. Each package of dried fruit is fully traceable from tree to shelf through Agricycle’s “Find My Farm” QR codes.

With a network of 3,000 women-majority cooperative members and 35,000 farmers across seven countries and multiple continents - impact is at the heart of its mission.

The team tries to improve the livelihoods of the farmers it works with in every way they can think of. For example, they create market linkages for products to be sold at guaranteed prices and provide access to micro-financing solutions so that business owners can establish credit to try out new ideas and ventures.

Agricycle also employs a “train the trainer” approach to ensure that the new business owners they work with are able to meet USDA, FDA, and international food safety standards, thereby ensuring that these fledgling businesses are ready to connect and thrive globally.

“Working in this space, it’s crucial that you are very intentional about building your team. Our team is global, passionate and experienced, and that adds a huge amount of value to everything we do.” - Ashlie Benson, Director of Impact at Agricycle

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