World-Positive Coffee from Crop to Cup

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Good coffee, for people and the planet.

Kua Coffee is Australia's closed-loop coffee social enterprise, supplying world-positive coffee to workplaces. Headquartered in Sydney Australia, Kua operates on the ground in Mount Elgon, Uganda.

Kua, meaning 'to grow' in Swahili, connects the dots between crop and cup; aiming to inspire a shift to climate-smart consumption. Kua Coffee stands for radical transparency and responsible practices. 

Kua recognized that extractive supply chains perpetuate global inequalities. Uganda's Mount Elgon is home to 90K growers, yet crashing market prices are converging with climate change to threaten coffee as a livelihood.

Australia drinks 6 billion cups of coffee every single year. 93% of coffee grounds brewed in Sydney end up in the landfill. That's 108 million kilograms of unnecessary waste, every year.

“Is coffee a food? In Australia, yes! We consume six billion cups every year. What’s more, our coffee habit encapsulates many of the issues of today’s food systems within a singular supply chain. Extraction is baked into our economy, yet collectively, everyday consumers are an immense force for change. Kua is a means to harness this opportunity.” - Darcy, co-founder Kua Coffee

Most companies have footprints. Kua strives to leave a handprint: a net-positive impact on society and the environment. 

How do they do this?

  • Improved wellbeing: For all who touch Kua coffee; including growers, drinkers, and the team.
  • Complete circularity: For all material inputs and resources, starting with coffee and its packaging.
  • Climate justice: For all vulnerable stakeholders and future generations, in Australia and in Uganda.

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