More than a shop! This is our commitment to support next-gen innovators who, with their products, help create better food systems. 

Thought For Food is the world’s next-gen innovation engine for food and agriculture. Through our programs we engage over 20,000 young innovators from more than 175 countries around the world. Over the past couple of years, we’ve come across some of the most innovative food products, and solutions that are taking us one step closer to a regenerative, resilient food future. 

A key mission for the TFF Shop is to spread visibility for our teams and their products. It is a place for our community to source social impact products from all around the world and know that they are backed by a team with a mission to transform their local food system. Soon you’ll find here everything from regenerative coffee, farmer-positive rice, chocolate made from vegetables, alt protein products, DIY farming kits, and so much more! 

Besides the TFF Community products, you can also find some of our Thought For Food branded fan favourites here.  

Every purchase made on the TFF Shop, includes:

  • Full payout to the TFF Community partners
  • Donation to the Thought For Food Foundation, which will be reinvested into the TFF Community to support them in building a future food system.

It is part of our mission to continuously improve the environmental and social footprint of the TFF Shop. If you have suggestions on how to make our shop more eco-friendly, please send us your feedback here

More about Thought For Food: www.thoughtforfood.org


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